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Certified Menstrual Cycle Coach. Certified First Moon For Girls Facilitator. Trained Teacher in Natural Fertility Education. Naturopath. Registered Nurse.



Hi,  I’m Sharon, a Certified Period/Menstrual Cycle Coach, Certified First Moon Circle Facilitator, Registered Nurse, Naturopath, & Trained Teacher in Natural Fertility Education. I love talking about and working with menstrual cycles, hormones & women's health, and get excited about helping girls and young women understand and use the menstrual cycle to feel better and live better. 

In my work as a group facilitator and in clinic as a naturopath and cycle coach, I teach and coach girls, teens, their parents, and women of all ages about puberty, periods, fertility, cyclical living, hormones, and nutrition, so that they can understand their bodies, find connection to themselves, unearth the potential and wisdom within their menstrual cycle, build healthy hormones and generate greater comfort and less struggle in their lives.  





Fun Facts

When I’m not punching squares on the keyboard or in clinic, you'll find me mucking about with my 2 kids, in a cafe with my girlfriends, hiking in Tassies’ amazing wilderness, or walking my dog in the bush. I enjoy staying fit and healthy: anything outdoors will do but my steady favorites in addition to those above, include bike riding, running, gardening, and beaching.  I also enjoy a cuppa, a good book, playing my guitar, and the odd red wine. 







Qualifications and Training

Certified Menstrual Cycle Coach - menstrual cycle awareness and cyclical living coach

Trained Teacher in Natural Fertility Education (FAM)

Certified First Moon (Period or Menarche) Circle Facilitator 

Bachelor of Nursing (University of Tasmania) - IVF/fertility nurse. Paediatrics. General nursing.
Bachelor of Health Science - Naturopathy  (University of New England)

AHPRA registered


learn how to use your menstrual cycle to optimise your life now



First Moon Circles are period positive sessions offered across Tasmania that provide girls aged 9-13 with an holistic, empowering and inclusive education on the menstrual cycle, puberty, and cycle self-care. First Moon Circles provide space to celebrate the rite of passage of menarche (the first period) which helps reduces menstrual shame and improves a girl's self esteem. Private and public circles are available 

These once in a life time circles gift girls with wisdom, confidence and tools to support their happy, healthy entry into puberty and periods. This is a beautiful, empowering alternative to traditional period education and expands significantly on the mainstream school curricula, featuring craft, conversations, an in depth dive into the four phases and inner seasons of the cycle, and a special parent-daughter celebration. 

First Moon Circles are sacred, beautiful, love-filled and most important of all FUN spaces for young girls and people identifying as female to gather in circle to receive knowledge and tools to start their periods with ease, flow (pardon the pun!) and comfort.


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Launceston, Tasmania

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