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Celebrating and Empowering Girls through Menarche

Gifting girls across Tasmania with holistic menstrual cycle wisdom, confidence and practical tools to support a happy, positive and healthy experience of menstruation and puberty. This is a beautiful, empowering alternative to traditional and school based period education featuring craft, conversations, a very special parent/carer-daughter celebration, and a generous gift bag. A life-changing circle that you will both remember.

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A First Moon Circle is a special occasion where people gather to sit 'in circle' to celebrate the very important and powerful rite of passage of a girl's first period, also known as 'menarche' (men-r-key).  Before industrialisation, women's menstrual cycles followed the moon or lunar cycles, and periods were referred to as a woman's 'moon time'. A 'first moon' indicated the very first period that a girl experienced, symbolising her transition to womanhood.


 First Moon Circles offer a very relaxed, really fun and unique yet safe, intimate and inclusive space for parents/carers and daughters/girls to gather together to learn about puberty and periods & to celebrate this upcoming or recent transition from girlhood to womanhood. Sitting in circle provides the perfect atmosphere for creating connection, for honoring and celebrating girls and women, and for handing down menstrual cycle wisdom from one generation to the next.


The knowledge gained during these circles through education, sharing and hands on experience, together with a gift bag packed full of period samples, cycle charts, take home activities for ongoing learning, and a 'moon' journal with prompts gives your child the perfect opportunity to feel prepared and confident about their first period, and their journey through puberty. Your child will gain valuable knowledge of the entire menstrual cycle, develop basic body wisdom, become empowered, capable and self-aware, so that they can support themselves physically, emotionally and spiritually as they enter their cycling years and adulthood. 

Celebrating in this way has a profound effect on the level of ongoing discussion you can have with your daughter after the circle. Girls leave feeling confident and excited about getting their period, cant wait to take you shopping for products, and start charting and moon or cycle syncing with you. Mums walk away with great tips for managing periods through perimenopause and a deep understanding of their cycle and inner rhythms - often with much head nodding and many ah-haaa moments during the circle and of course many giggles.



First Moon Circles are split into two parts:

PART 1  - Girls only!!

We start with a 1.5hr experience just for the girls to come together, have fun, be silly, make new friends, enjoy developing sisterhood, and to learn accurate information about what's happening to them physically & emotionally as they move through puberty and experience their first period.

Here your child will learn:

  • What puberty is, what happens during this stage of development and what changes they can expect to notice, sense and feel physically and emotionally.

  • An introduction to the female body, hormones, and the reproductive system.

  • What the menstrual cycle is and why we have one including introduction to the 4 phases and ovulation

  • What periods are and why we have them

  • Signs and clues that the period may start soon

  • What to expect with the first period, and subsequent periods

  • Extensive and diverse period product play and familiarity

  • Why using body sensitive and earth-friendly period products is important

  • How to talk about periods: who to talk to, where/who to go to for help, and how to be prepared. 

  • Moods, sleep and big emotions

  • Colouring-in and snacks provided in session

  • How to see and experience periods as a normal and healthy part of life


 This is also an opportunity for girls to voice concerns or anxieties about puberty, periods or products. Here they can ask me all the awkward, embarrassing, curious questions they would like to ask. 


PART 2  Parents/Carers and girls & Celebratory Afternoon Tea

Part 2 starts with Parents/Carers joining us for a delicious celebratory afternoon tea before joining us in circle.


During our parent-daughter time you will both

  • Receive an introduction to

    • Cycle Awareness (remember, the period is just 1 phase of a 4 phase cycle!): how each phase affects energy, feelings (moods), and needs across the month 

    • menstrual cycle self-care for each phase ( this can be applied to your own cycle and/or life stage too) 

    • the relationship between the menstrual cycle & the moon cycle 

    • how cycle awareness can reduce menstrual cycle symptoms such as PMS, period pain, moodiness etc)

  • Learn what a normal healthy menstrual cycle and period look like during adolescence
  • Discover the 4 main lifestyle factors that influence menstrual cycle health and how to support these
  • Receive an introduction and practical example of paper and pen cycle charting and why this practice is so important for teens and mums (spoiler: this is endorsed by the ACOG) - period journal, charts & instructions included.​

  • Parents share wisdom, experiences, share stories or wishes with everyone present, which helps the girls feel supported and remember that they are not alone, reduces menstrual taboo/shame and increases period positivity.

  • Make a special gem bracelet that symbolises the four phases of the menstrual cycle and acts as a keepsake of this special celebration

  • Gift bag discovery (gift bag valued at $60)


This huge value-packed offering, featuring everything listed above, is available for $199 (plus booking fee) per mother & daughter ticket ($100 per person). This enables me to share all the wisdom & organise everything for you including the gift bag, gem beading for craft, lots of gifts for your child, delicious snacks & plentiful period samples to play with in circle, plus a celebratory tea.


Included in the special gift bag valued at $65, is an all organic cute 'period ready' (moon) bag, organic moon oil roller for soothing menstrual complaints, a bound colour copy of your guide to the menstrual cycle and inner seasons, bespoke moon/menstrual diary with cycle charting templates and a few surprises which the girls adore.  Please note:  Minimum of 5 participants per circle required*. 


I acknowledge and honour that not all people who bleed are girls / female identifying, and that not all girls and females bleed. I bring this into the First Moon Circles with an awareness that children who may not identify as female may still experience menstruation, and may have a complicated relationship with their period, their body and the concept of becoming a woman. 

It is my highest wish that if you have a child who may be Non-Binary, LGBTQIA+, Transgendered, Gender Queer or otherwise Gender Diverse, that I hold as safe a space as possible for them to learn how to care for their body, emotions and spirit through menarche. If you would like to discuss anything related to inclusion please do email me to organise a chat. I want to support you and your family. 


Celebrating menarche and honouring this rite of passage helps reduce menstrual shame and taboo and improves period positivity. Celebrating with your daughter may strengthen your connection or parent-child bond. Being able to share wisdom and your own experiences with your child and others within the circle opens the conversation and paves the way for ongoing discussion. Experiencing a positive first period and seeing the menstrual cycle as a natural and healthy part of being female, can positively impact your daughter's experience of other rites of passage such as birth, mothering and how she experiences her menopause. Learning the 4 inner seasons of the cycle gives you and your child body knowledge and tools to use to start taking care of your body right now.


You have 2 options: public or private events. 

Public Event: Use the booking calendar below to book your child into our upcoming sessions! If you have any questions before booking please do contact me

Private Event: Did you know First Moon Circles are available to book as a private event just for your child and their friends? This way, the group explores the topics together, ensuring they have a strengthened friendship and each other's ongoing support when they need it. Suitable for girls aged 9-16 and for a minimum of 5 girls per private event. Private circles are also the most popular events I hold for girls. 

Private events are hosted either in my bell tent or if you would prefer, in the comfort of your own home. All you need to do is contact me to agree a date, time and venue, then invite your friends to complete the private online booking link. I take it from there and provide everything including activities, gifts and food. If you're interested in booking a private First Moon Circle, please email me to make this happen for you! 

* Discounts are offered for siblings and returning customers learn more

** Subject and according to government health regulations, bookings may require a reduction in participant numbers and face masks to be worn according to event space.



“My daughter loved the first moon circle for girls. Having all her friends there helped to make it a great experience. She was really comfortable telling me everything she learned and said she wasn’t scared about getting her period anymore. I think she really took on board everything you had to say and having the relaxed atmosphere really helped. Totally worth it!! 

Ava and I LOVED our time with you yesterday. There is so much I want to tell/say/thank you for. I would love to talk about what or how we could do more with you..? My husband and I can really see what a big and positive impact you made on Ava yesterday.  It was a really special afternoon - the way Ava is talking about her time with you and the changes I've noted in her since are amazing. 

For anyone local to Launceston or Tassie really, it’s worth the trip. I took my 11 year old daughter along to a first moon circle with Sharon and it was fantastic. A great positive introduction to the world of menstruation. It started and helped continue some great conversations about women’s bodies and gave the girls the confidence in knowing, owning and being proud of all things feminine. Helping them understand they don’t need to be ashamed or afraid of their bodies. I would highly recommend to any parents of girls. I will definitely be taking my younger daughter too x

Thank you so much for the wonderful workshop last weekend. The next day at the supermarket Georgie (12) got right into buying resuable pads and period accessories and was being open and talkative and we have been able to have some great conversations. So thanks for melting that embarrassment barrier for her

Thanks so much for this mornings circle. My daughter really enjoyed it and loved learning more about periods in a safe environment. Thank you for providing such a lovely opportunity to learn about self-care and grounding from a sensitive professional.

Thank you- this is important for all of us. Listening to you talk about the seasons as a way of understanding how things change throughout our cycle, making decisions based on where we’re at, not beating ourselves up when we just feel like retreating from the world etc etc, it was such an important reminder about being aware, acknowledging how we feel, and choosing how to respond in a way that is supportive to our own needs. My daughter and I had a fabulous time - thank you so much.

Sharon, thank you so much for yesterday, Amelia really enjoyed it and the conversation continued on the ride home. It's wonderful to have such open conversations and feel like she can ask me anything:)

My daughter loved the first moon circle. She said it was the best thing about periods she had done. She learned so much and found you lovely &  easy to talk to.  'Sharon made it so easy to understand'. 

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